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African lawyers' fellowship scheme secures top-level support

“African lawyers’ fellowship scheme secures top-level support”

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Women building the water pipe line (Mapeleng)

Justice is delivered to the Mapeleng community of Lesotho

After 17 years of deprivation, clean water now flows freely from the top of the Maluti Mountains into the Mapeleng village. This is no small feat for a community that once lived comfortably in the Malibamat’so River valley, now lost under the Katse Dam. Bolstered by the efforts of the ‘Seinoli Project’ lawyers and their transformative legal empowerment initiatives, the Mapeleng community was able to go to the High Court of Lesotho to request that their access to water to be restored. This momentous occasion will be marked by a celebration on Thursday, 4th April 2013, to coincide with annual World Water Day.

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Protimos empowers marginalised communities in developing countries to use the law to protect their social, economic and environmental interests.

The fortunes of communities in developing countries are increasingly shaped by their relationships with governments, businesses and other powerful institutions. However, unfamiliarity with legal processes coupled with limited access to qualified lawyers puts them at a significant disadvantage and marginalises them from the development process.

Protimos aims to level the playing field by supporting the professional development of local lawyers and by improving legal systems. In so doing, Protimos develops sustainable legal resources that enable communities to become active and effective participants in their own futures.

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